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Career Readiness

Rezzio manages students current level on the eight skills needed for them to be considered career ready. We work hand and hand with making sure students attain those skills. In order to be able to successful transition into the workspace.

Easy Inegration

We understand that change is hard, that's why we made it easy.  Our platform was created to work in harmony with the already established traditions. Add your classes, majors, and the skills you want your students to learn. 

Personalized Interactions

The future is now, stay ahead of the skills gap and the ever changing job market with Rezzio.  Using our platform allows the perfect mix of technology and 


Rezzio Benefits

Experimental Learning

Rezzio focuses on enhancing traditional learning by including real world opportunities like networking.  We believe that it's important for students to use the skills they worked so hard to learn. 

Student Management System (SMS)

 Follow students progression on their roadmap, career goals, and advise future opportunities. Get to know your students and what they need to succeed. 

Alumni Satisfaction


A career ready graduate transitions into a satisfied alumni. We want to work with you to boost your percentage of graduates who get a job straight out of college.

Skills Measurement/Development

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Data Driven Decisions

Rezzio makes it easy to track all your students progress and make decisions that will not only improve your program but also your student satisfaction.

One On One Mentoring

The average student to advisor ratio is 1:1200. We help lessen the load by personalizing meetings. Your students goals and progress are at the click of a button.

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