"I think at one point in our lives, we can relate to the

story of not knowing, or not having everything figured out."

- Jessica Sarkisian, Rezzio Learning Founder

Our focus is to improve students....

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Career Readiness

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Student Testimonials


Tsoline Khatchdorian

Tsoline Khatchdorian

Tsoline Khatchdorian


"...with the right resources provided, I think the product has the potential to guide students comprehensively through a very stressful decision-making process that is easy to get lost in. the product at its current stage provides a very good analysis of the personal factors and qualities that must be considered in this process"


Emily Barron

Tsoline Khatchdorian

Tsoline Khatchdorian


"...I also really like the opportunity to reflect on each experience. Rather than doing it and moving on, you get the chance to break down the experience and learn from it."

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