Rezzio is an engaged learning platform, supporting and guiding students to meet their career goals through skills development. 

Who Benefits:

College Students


Understand your worth. Develop your skills. Showcase your abilities. 

For Students

Career Service Departments


Manage students career competencies. Collect data on student outcomes.

For Universities

About Us


What is Rezzio?

Rezzio is a platform that offers support to students as they transition from classroom to career. Rezzio's software measures students' current skill level and offers difference tasks and experiences to increase those skills. At the end of the program, a student have skill competences companies are looking for and a database showcasing how they gained those competences.  

Student Testimonies

Hazel Dequito


Communications Major


"Rezzio helped me realize what skills I had and worked with me to strengthen them. After taking the questionnaire, I became self aware of my potential not only as a student, but as an aspiring journalist."

Tyler Kaplan


Computer Science Major


"I not only saw improvement in my responses, but I also learned more about myself. At first I was unsure about who I was, then after answering the questions, I now have a much better idea of where my career path will take me."

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