1 Advisor : 1,800 Students

In a 2016-2017 report published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the median college-student-to-career-advisor ratio.

Frees Advisors time!

Rezzio Learning automates the more mundane tasks of a career adviser's day such as form distribution and data analysis to free up more time to meet face  to face with students.

"55% of a career advisor’s time is spent speaking with students"

- NACE Professional Competencies for College and University Career Services Practitioners

Our Areas Of focus


Career Readiness

Skills Development

Skills Development

 Rezzio Learning defines career readiness as the ability to understand personal characteristics, apply them to a career, and continuously develop and expand new habits as well as skills for

future employment.


Skills Development

Skills Development

Skills Development

Rezzio Learning focuses on developing the NACE competencies and does this through experiential learning. Students gain skills by meeting professionals and working in the real world.

Reach every student

With most traditional methods of career service, it's difficult to reach every student on a personal level. Most students, even after going to a first meeting, don't come back for a second. Rezzio Learning allows you to reach every student every time.

Follow up with your students

Students are busy and often don't have time to respond to every email about their internships or networking events. Rezzio Learning requires every student to reflect on their experiences as they complete them.

Detailed reports

Rezzio learning keeps data on the progress of students and sends regular reports to their school's career service department to help track and organize data collection.

FEwer students fall behind

It can be hard to catch students early and prevent them from falling behind in preparing for their career. Rezzio Learning makes this easy by alerting advisors as soon as a student starts to fall behind.